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Due to the need within the Healthcare sector for 100% compliance, the demand for anti-ligature load release testing and provision of transparent reporting has never been greater.

For many years manufacturers of anti-ligature or load release shading and privacy systems have been providing their products into the Healthcare and Mental Health sectors and yet the maintenance and annual load testing of the products has largely been left for Trusts and Healthcare providers to sort for themselves.

Published NHS Safety Notices and the Never Event List all point towards the need to adhere to manufacturers guidelines and ensure annual testing is being carried out. The HBN 00-10 states it very clearly as to how curtain tracks should be maintained and manufacturers guidelines of the many available anti-ligature or reduced ligature items on the market publish the O&M of their systems.

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The Health Building Note 00-10 Part E: Curtains and tracking states 

  • 5.2 All tracking should be tested annually as per manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that changes made to the configuration or environmental conditions have not adversely affected performance.

  • 5.5 The manufacturer's recommendations in respect of periodic inspection and maintenance should be followed to ensure that acceptable levels of performance are maintained


Therefore, Protects Plus is responding to the ever-increasing demand from healthcare providers for an approved company that can offer complete assurance that their buildings and people are safe by providing thorough auditing and reporting of all anti-ligature load release products available on the market.

There are many different anti-ligature, load release and safety type products sold and installed throughout the Healthcare industry and further details of these can be found below.


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The checks include

  1. The testing of the many anti-ligature, load release and safety products - more info here

  2. Inspected to ensure they have been installed as per manufacturing guidelines,

  3. Examined for any tampering or damage since installation, and

  4. Load tested to ensure items breakaway at the required weight loading.


With access to our portal to track and manage all these products online whilst providing full transparent data reports, it couldn’t be made any easier for you to remain compliant.

Load Release Testing
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