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With the release of the HBN 00-10 Part E in October 2023, the Health Building Note (HBN) provides technical advice on curtains and tracking building components and their fitting and maintenance for all healthcare environments.

HBN 00-10 Part E provides guidance for all healthcare sectors – primary and community, acute and mental healthcare environments.

Movatrack Cubicle & Privacy Tracks
Hospital Divider Curtain Tracks

Here at Protects Plus we are passionate about supporting the healthcare sector to ensure your curtain tracks and patient environments are safe and compliant in accordance to manufacturer's requirements. We provide the service of maintenance and testing of all types and brands of curtain track systems on the market.

There are many different curtain track systems used throughout the Healthcare sector and our team of experts can provide the ongoing annual testing and maintenance that they require in accordance to the manufacturer's O&M guidelines. Along with this, we can provide product training for staff for every day operating.

Our purpose-built web-based software allows you to simply identify all of your curtain tracks throughout all of your buildings as well as easily access reports. Simple dashboard and email notifications to the Estates Manager, Ward Manager and/or any Administrators, systematisers and makes compliance simple to manage with the Trust.

Cubicle, Privacy, Shower and Window curtain tracks are used throughout all healthcare spaces and understanding how they are to be installed, serviced and maintained is critical for the safety of patients and staff to ensure all compliance measures are managed properly and this is where Protects Plus can help.

What we offer:

  • Maintenance & testing of all types of curtains tracks inline with manufacturer's guidelines and O&Ms

  • Complete visibility via our purpose-built software of all curtain tracks throughout your buildings

  • Simplify compliance in accordance with policy

  • Product training and advice for all products installed within your environments 

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