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Here at Protects Plus we are dedicated to providing access to our software to create evidence-based reports to ensure healthcare environments and people are kept safe.

We work closely with Estates & Facilities and Risk & Governance personnel to assist them with the testing and auditing of their buildings and the products installed within them. 

Annual contracts, full inspections and test audits are carried out and uploaded to our purpose built software to allow each client full visibility, control and management of their load release items and shading and privacy products.

Protects Plus meeting with client face to face
Protects Plus Ant-ligature load testing

Here we provide annual load testing and reporting of all load release products. We allow healthcare providers to have access to our software that gives them full visibility and management of all load release products throughout their buildings. 

Protects Plus Curtain Management

Here we provide the control and management of curtains where healthcare providers can centrally report from.  Visibility on installation, cleaning or replacing of their curtains allows them to fully report on usage and costs within their buildings.

How we operate
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