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Movatrack and disposable curtains around hospital bed

With over 10 years’ experience in the healthcare Industry, it has become clear that every NHS Trust or Healthcare Provider procures and maintains their curtains differently.

Here at Protects Plus we are dedicated to serving and supporting the healthcare sector to enable you to have full control and management of the cycle of purchasing, installing, washing and replacing of your curtain requirements.  This can be for the Disposable or Machine Washable types.

Our online live tracking software simply identifies all your curtain changes necessary based on the NHS Cleaning Guidelines and your own usage policies to help you with preventing and controlling infections. Simple dashboard and email notifications to the installer, ward manager or administrator, remove the need of you either remembering to hand write on unsightly labels or having to use the labels altogether.


By implementing the Curtain Management system into your Trust or company we can easily identify where and how money can be saved so that curtain changes are only made when necessary, giving you the full control over purchasing and replacing of curtains.

The software is fully automated allowing you to send reminders on when your next laundry or replacement cycle is required as well as notifying you of any life cycle expires to ensure the curtains remain complaint to HTM 05-03 and the correct level of Fire Retardancy is maintained in accordance to manufacturers requirements.

Curtain Management Solution

What we offer:

  • Complete visibility via our portal of all curtains throughout your buildings

  • Simplify compliance documentation for HBN 00-10 and HTM 03-05 and NHS Cleaning Guidelines

  • Fully programmable software allowing you to customise your own curtain washing/replacing

  • Designed for all curtain types such as Disposable, Shower and Machine Washable 

  • Lifecycle Curtain Management

  • Complete visibility of costs against budget

Curtain Management
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