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When it comes to load release items for the mental health industry there are many different products in use within these environments all of which come with their own maintenance and servicing requirements as well as compliance guidelines.

Below are the various products in use throughout the mental health market. Each one has its own unique property and maintenance guidelines as set out by the manufacturer. We work closely with these companies to  and designed to suit a particular environment or requirement by the manufacturer.

Load release items


  • Window curtain tracks

  • Shower tracks

  • Cubicle bed bay tracks

  • Backing plates or soap/towel dispensers

  • Wardrobe rails

  • Shower shelves

  • Toilet roll holders

  • Coat hooks

  • Roller or vertical blinds

  • Ensuite doors 

Other items


  • Radiator covers

  • Beds/Mattresses

  • Thermostat covers

  • Basins / grilles

  • Toilet seat

  • Grab rails

  • Ensuite Doors

  • Mirrors

  • Wall art

  • Dispensers

  • Window restrictors

  • Door finger guard

  • and more...

Get in touch if you require support with your compliance audits or servicing and maintenance of your anti-ligature and reduced ligature products.
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