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Welcome to Protects Plus

Compliance Management Made Easy with Evidence-Based Software

Protects Plus is committed to making compliance simpler and easier for all who manage it and to support healthcare providers achieve 'Outstanding' by CQC. We do this through our transparent evidence-based reporting software to enable you to manage and control the auditing of all your assets. Services include annual anti-ligature load testing and audits of the many products used within mental health environments such as doors, mattresses, curtains, radiator covers and much more.

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Here at Protects Plus we believe strongly in trust, transparency and accountability. We are passionate about compliance but believe it should be made easy for you.

Our purpose-built software is designed to enable you to have clear visibility over your environments, resulting in you having complete control and management of all the assets designed to make your spaces safer.

We work with you in ensuring all your assets that require compliance managing are thoroughly audited and entered onto the software so as you can then report on and manage the ongoing requirements, giving you the assurance that your people, patients and environments are safe.

About Us

Enhanced Patient Safety:

Here we help identify and address potential hazards through 6 monthly or annual audits (e.g., ligature risks, fire risks) with compliance and maintenance inspections. This proactive approach minimizes risks for patients and ensures all environments are kept safe.

Reduced Stress & Workload:

Access to our purpose-built software ensures that compliance management tasks are automated. Staff can spend less time on paperwork and focus more on patients and other critical tasks therefore reducing stress and workload.

Increased Staff Resources:

With less time spent on compliance and maintenance tasks, staff have a higher level of confidence knowing that this is managed for them, meaning they have more time for direct patient care and improving overall care quality.

Real Time Compliance Visibility:

Clear and transparent data at your finger tips means staff can easily and simply demonstrate the level of compliance, as well as provide a task list for outstanding issues. This reduces the risk of fines and ensures regulatory requirements are met.


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