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The Advantages of Independent Testing

Following on from a recent post on the obligation of Mental Health providers to ensure their anti-ligature products are tested annually, we now discuss the benefits of using an independent company to manage this for you.

Quality of Testing

An independent testing company dedicated on the service of maintaining and auditing of assets and products, gives an unbiased, third-party assessment of the current situation or area they are testing. This leads to efficient and uninfluenced testing that meets client expectations giving them further assurance that the results and outcome will be correct and in accordance to procedures and polices set out by themselves and manufacturers guidelines.

More Management Time

With an independent testing company, the hassle of hiring and training new personnel within your organisation or train existing staff to specifically carry this out is eliminated. This means that Managers do not need to worry about spreading the resources to accommodate for the extra roles but instead can focus their time and efforts on the more critical tasks that to ensure the needs of patients and their environments are fully looked after.

Impartial Advice

Independent testing companies have access to any new best practises and stay up to date with the latest processes as they remain focused specifically on this key area. As new technology and products are released, an independent company ensures staff are trained to ensure advice and support given to clients is best suited for their needs.

Costs and Budgets

Partnering with an independent testing company eliminates the need to purchase and set up hardware and software required for testing. Clients do not need to maintain testing practices and tools. Ongoing training of staff and specialised resources are not necessary. All of these mean costs of the testing service being carried out internally are removed and instead the resource can be placed where it is most needed and budgets can set in accordance with the specific requirements to a dedicated company.

Use of Software & Certification

Working with an independent company that uses software means the need to rely on human intervention is removed and automation can instead allow clients full visibility of their buildings and assets. Downloadable certificates and reports can be centrally located, viewed and stored. Notifications can inform clients of scheduled testing and maintenance. All of this can take the hassle out of managing this manually via a paper based system internally.

Responsibility and Accountability

A very important fact about carrying out testing internally as a client is that it can mean that mistakes or accidents are made resulting in action targeted at the client whereas an independent company would take responsibility for its actions. Rather than potentially expose themselves to unnecessary attention, clients can rest assured that working with an independent company can take this pain away and hold them to account for their actions.

Convinced we can help you?

If you still need convincing, visit Protects Plus to know more on how we can make all the difference using our software and supporting you with your annual anti-ligature testing needs. We are the UK’s only dedicated independent offering this service with purpose-built software. With access to our portals we can ensure you get the best in anti-ligature testing services. Contact us if you have any questions.

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