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The 3 Important Facts for Mental Health Environments.

Sometimes the failure of not doing something is worse than actually doing it!

Are you aware of 3 very important facts for areas where mental health care is provided?

1. The Never Event List states

Failure to install functional collapsible shower or curtain rails

Involves either:​

  • failure of collapsible curtain or shower rails to collapse when an inpatient attempts or completes a suicide

  • failure to install collapsible rails and an inpatient attempts or completes a suicide using non-collapsible rails.

Setting: All settings providing NHS-funded mental health inpatient care.

2. The HTM66 states under

Low Weight Release Systems - "Once installed, ensure regular maintenance checks and load tests are carried out according to manufacturers’ instructions"

3. A Safety Notice published 11th January 2002 SN(01)01 states​

  • In adult psychiatric setting, any cubicle track, curtain track, shower track and wardrobe rails with load release support systems must be maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and subject to an annual safety load test to ensure that the device functions correctly.​

The Action on this notice called for load testing to be carried out within 1 month and annually thereafter.

The failure of not carrying out the above could be classified as a Never Event due to manufacturing guidelines not being adhered to. It is critical that all Healthcare Providers are compliant and have full knowledge that the products installed within their buildings are appropriate for the current use, have not been tampered with and pass the load release test set out in their risk assessments or by the manufacturer.

What are you doing about this and do you know what the manufacturers of your installed products state in their (O&M) Operation and Maintenance manuals?

This is where Protects Plus can help and give advice on each system and provide the assurance needed as well as look after all your annual testing requirements.

Get in touch to see how we can help.

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