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Test Test Test – Importance of reporting!

When was the last time your anti-ligature load release products such as curtain tracks within your buildings were inspected and load tested?

If they haven’t been tested for over 12 months, then it could be a ticking time bomb!

The Department of Health’s ‘Never Events list’, the HTM66 and a 2002 Safety Notice all specifically state the importance of ensuring this is carried out as per manufacturer's guidelines.

One Capital Projects Manager from an NHS Trust said it plainly that ‘the failure to not carry out the annual load test and inspection is in effect a Never Event and we would never contemplate not doing it’.

It has become clear that quite a number of Healthcare providers are not carrying this out or taking this seriously enough and this is where Protects Plus is here to help.

Protects Plus is the only independent company dedicated to serving and supporting the Healthcare sector to audit and annually load test their anti-ligature load release shading and privacy products to ensure compliance and peace of mind for all.

  • Provide access to our purpose built software to log in and view all load release products within your building

  • Clear visibility via the portals of items that pass or those that need immediate action

  • Full audits, inspections and load testing carried out by approved engineers

  • Annual contracts to look after all your properties and products going forward

Get in touch today to arrange an online demonstration and let us help to get you fully compliant.

Call +44 (0)345 646 0955 or email to see how we can help.



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