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Test or not to test that is the question!

Annual mandatory requirements have never been easier!

Estates, Health & Safety and Maintenance teams are all too aware of the ever increasing demand of administrative tasks, let alone ensuring their compliance requirements are met. The actual management of compliance is one thing and the reporting of it can prove another great challenge taking up a lot of time and resource.

A recent study found that just over 30% of NHS Mental Health Trusts didn't know that it was a mandatory requirement to test anti-ligature products, such as curtain tracks and blinds, on an annual basis. A further 30% stated that they were aware that testing was mandatory but they weren't doing it. Looking into this further, it became clear, that whilst ignorance is not an excuse, the main reason for doing it was largely down to a lack of understanding or physical resource and time to manage this requirement.

Protects Plus are here to not only help but to take a share of the pain and free up time for these teams so they can focus on where they are needed most. We are well aware of the time Compliance Management can take when it comes to the annual testing of anti-ligature products and so we are willing to step up to the plate and take this on using our purpose-built management software.

Annual Testing

We carry out physical on site audits of all anti-ligature products. Visual inspection and checks along with load release tests on each item are completed and recorded. We then create an asset list from the data which is then uploaded to our software along with all results.

Software & Portal

All results are loaded according to their location so they are easily identifiable for example - building, ward, room etc. Full results on each asset are viewable and reports downloadable per item, area or building. Status of each asset is detailed, with any required actions highlighted and notifications on when next audit is due, whilst all managed centrally from the portal for your own peace of mind.


Help us to help you

Here at Protects Plus, we really want to help you

We can take all your annual testing needs in hand and fully audit and manage this requirement for you, whilst giving you control via our portal for access to reports and status. More importantly, you can then be assured that your compliance needs are fully met.

However, we do need your help first. We need to be able to fully understand your asset list and requirements so we can adequately plan the testing. If this is not known then a thorough site survey is required by ourselves to collate all assets. Once this is obtained we can then upload all asset data to the portal and testing can commence.

With all this then managed by ourselves, you can focus on the areas that need you most with the confidence that your mandatory annual testing is being taken care of and your buildings and people are safe.

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