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Software that manages your compliance for you! Sound like a theory?

Make that theory a reality by contacting Protects Plus.

Here at Protects Plus we not only allow you to control and manage your compliance requirements, but we make it easy for you too!

We understand the headaches and paperwork that sometimes is required to ensure your buildings are safe for all who use them. We are passionate about removing all pain points when it comes to getting your anti-ligature items and shading and privacy products compliant.

At Protects Plus we give you complete control and management of these products using our purpose-built software and with access via our portals you can simply manage these everything in one place. We work with you in auditing all your assets within your buildings and uploading all data and results onto the portals, so you have complete visibility for reporting on.

Whether it is anti-ligature items for their annual mandatory inspection and load testing or the management of your privacy curtains within your buildings, we are here to help you.

What we do:

· Complete management of your annual load release / anti-ligature products testing

· Control and manage of all your curtains needs for purchasing, cleaning and replacing

· Auditing and testing of assets made simple and controllable from one platform

Compliance management made easy to make your tomorrow a safer one.

Contact Protects Plus today, call 0345 646 0955 or email and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.



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