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Load Release Testing – are you doing it?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Yes or no, either way, let us help and take it all in hand.

Full annual inspection, testing and auditing of all your anti-ligature load release curtain tracks, blinds and other anti-ligature accessories. All results visible on a live portal for you to visually see any actions required or just to have the peace of mind everything passes and is certified. Sound like a dream? Not a dream here at Protects Plus, that is exactly what we do to support Healthcare providers.

Due to the need within the Healthcare sector for 100% compliance driven by the Department of Health’s ‘Never Events list’, the HTM66 and a 2002 Safety Notice, the demand for load testing and provision of transparent evidential reporting software has never been greater.

Protects Plus is the only independent company dedicated to serving and supporting the Healthcare sector to audit and annually load test their anti-ligature and load release shading and privacy products to ensure compliance and peace of mind for all.

With access to our software to track and manage all these products online whilst providing full transparent data reports, it couldn’t be made any easier to remain compliant.

Why Protects Plus?

  • Complete visibility via our software of all environments with these products

  • Downloadable reports of test results and when tests are next due

  • Current status of all products and whether repairs or actions are required

  • Total peace of mind that all load release products are safely in order

Get in touch today to arrange an online or face to face demonstration and let us assure you how we can get you fully compliant. Help us help you make tomorrow a safer one.

Email or call +44 (0)345 646 0955


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