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"Benefits of working with Protects Plus"

Why Protects Plus, in the words of our clients.

Don't take our word for it, hear from them for yourself!

"We love having complete visibility via your Protects Plus software of all our environments, showing every product and when they were last tested. The downloadable reports of test results for all our anti-ligature products throughout the Trust make it so easy for us to manage now" - Maintenance Manager


"Having a testing company that is approved by a manufacturer for taking responsibility of their products and their end client is the way it should be. Every manufacturer should do this so that the NHS isn't exposed to anymore risk than it has to and instead the companies that design and develop the products don't just bring them to market but also create a maintenance and care plan to provide a life long support package. If manufacturers did this as standard, this would go a long way in ensuring the healthcare providers like us could provide the best possible care knowing we have the support of the companies that provide us their products within our environments" - Head of Health and Safety


"Notifications of when our next annual anti-ligature testing is due helps us plan ahead as well as ensure we can let all the relevant team leaders know. Having the current status of all our products and whether repairs or actions are required etc is a huge bonus to what we have been used to. We can now proactively manage the products properly from an Estates level"- Estates Manager


"Great to have an independent company carrying out the testing for us as they can check that our installs are correct and safe as well as give us an impartial overview of areas we can improve. We love the assurance you can bring knowing that the annual mandatory testing is carried out for full compliance in accordance to the HTM66" - Health & Safety Manager

"The live maintenance schedule for us to be able to monitor and plan when areas will need to be readied for the Protects Plus team to come to site and carry out their testing is an excellent provision. Total peace of mind that all load release and anti-ligature products are safely in order for patients and staff. Very costs effective way of ensuring we are compliant for anti-ligature testing meaning our own resources can be better spent elsewhere knowing the testing is all looked after. We get more time to spend on our other priorities with this all looked after." - Programme Manager


"It is great to have specific software that gives us visibility and oversight of our anti-ligature products and other assets we get managed plus the ability to be able to download the reports into our own asset management software Zetasafe" - Compliance Officer


"To have the responsibility of ensuring testing is being carried out and done accurately taken off us and for us to be able to hold someone else to account has hugely helped free up management time as well as help us prove to CQC that we are compliant. Getting you to look after all of our asset management is excellent including the checks of finger guards, window restrictors, fire doors etc, makes our lives easier" - Estates Manager


"Having our assets managed for us by an independent company means we know it will be done and nothing will be missed. Also having the extra Curtain Management software for our disposable curtains helps us plan and purchase more effectively plus we can now easily schedule when our FR retreatment is needed for our machine washable curtains too, it's brilliant." - Compliance & Health & Safety Officer

Why not see how we can help you too?

Contact Protects Plus to know more on how we can make all the difference using our software and supporting you with your annual anti-ligature testing needs. We are the UK’s only dedicated independent company offering this service with our purpose-built software. With access to our web-based portals we can ensure you get the best in anti-ligature testing services.

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