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How Are You Managing Your Curtains?

Not enough in stock? Dates missing from curtain labels? Ward staff or maintenance not keeping up with the required changes? Costs of changes and replacements inconsistent or too high? Curtain cleaning being missed? FR re-treatment being forgotten?

At Protects Plus, these are only too familiar challenges we hear but we are here to help.

Protects Plus is dedicated to serving and supporting the Healthcare sector to assist and audit the cycle of installing, purchasing, and managing of your curtain requirements.

Our purpose-built web-based software simply identifies all your curtain changes necessary based on your own usage policies to help you with preventing and controlling infections whilst saving you money. Whether it is the replacing of disposable curtains or the washing of polyester type, the cycle can easily be managed via the portal.

The software can also notify when machine washable curtains are next due their FR treatment after the 10 wash cycle so as healthcare providers keep their environments compliant and safe for all to use.

  • Complete visibility via our web-based portal of all curtains throughout your buildings

  • Fully programmable software allowing you customise your own curtain replacements/washes

  • Designed for all curtain types such as Disposable, Shower and Machine Washable

  • Complete visibility of costs against budget

Get in touch today to arrange an online demonstration.

Call +44 (0)345 646 0955 or email and we will be ready to discuss.



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